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CSHU - Hungarian Counter-Strike Portal

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Gone are the days of long registration lines and paper forms to sign up for a sports activity. An increasing number of sports organizations throughout North America are embracing online registration services as an added value for participants , as well as staff and volunteers. Online registration not only improves efficiencies and eliminates unnecessary paperwork, it also improves marketing capabilities and maximizes participation by allowing athletes to sign up when and where it?s most convenient for them from any Internet enabled computer.
There are also lesser known, but equally important benefits of offering an online sports registration program:

For Organizers

1. Custom waiver and registration forms. Collect pertinent data with program specific forms, questions and custom fields and adjust team criteria for age groups or division naming.

2. Flexible registration periods and pricing. Through an online registration program, you can set up early bird discounts or apply late fees that will automatically go into effect for registrations processed in a certain time frame.

3. Easy identification and background checks on volunteers. Improve risk management by collecting volunteer disclosure questionnaires online and performing background checks with your vendor of choice directly through your sports registration program.

4. Fundraising and donation options. Collect donations, track donor information and sell fundraising merchandise online during the sports registration process to maximize donations and awareness of your fundraiser.

5. Security and reliability. Eliminate lost files , missing payments, or incorrect amounts by automating the entire sports registration process online through a trusted provider.

6. Eliminate labor intensive, paper based processes. Save staff members and participants time by eliminating paper based registration and waiver forms and transition documents to electronic versions for quicker sign ups and automatic data storage and security.

For Participants

1. Save time. Participants can sign up online when and where it?s most convenient for them in just minutes without having to drive to a registration site, stand in line or manually complete paper forms.

2. Securely and conveniently pay online. Instead of writing a check or counting cash at the front of the line, participants can simply enter their credit card information online to securely complete their payment transaction in seconds.

3. Receive automated confirmation receipt. Once the payment is processed, participants will then receive a receipt confirming they are signed up for their desired program(s) and their payment has been securely processed and accepted.

4. Professional , accessible customer service support. Your online sports registration provider will be a professional, accessible customer service support agent for participants who may have questions or need assistance completing their transactions. Your participants will receive support when and where they need it, without having to take up your staff members? time for technical questions.

5. Access to early bird pricing. With flexible pricing options, you can now incentivize and reward participants if they sign up before a specific date.

As you?re evaluating online sports registration providers, you?ll want to ensure that they can make these added benefits available to you as part of your online registration program. Perhaps most important to your evaluations is to understand the security measures each online registration provider employs. Make sure the companies utilize the strictest security settings, technologies and firewalls to ensure your participants? personal information is always protected.
The process of typical or adversarial divorce permits the clients involved to meet with his or her attorney and there is a limited contact with the other side usually during the court hearings where a judge typically settles on the issues. In the process of collaborative divorce , the client-attorney communication is not limited to one’s own attorney. Here four way conferences allow a client to privately meet with his or her attorney and also the other side including the other partner and his or her respective attorney. These four way conferences are held to bring in light the problems, devise possible solutions and arrive at a settlement without any court hearing or a judge.
The legal fees paid to an attorney in an adversarial divorce are spent on court hearings, filing information disclosure motions, taking statements and attending the court proceedings. But in collaborative divorce, legal fees are not spent for any motions and depositions. Both the attorneys and the partners affirm in advance to reveal all the information. Most of the time goes in direct meetings in which problems and possible solutions of settlement are discussed.
In an adversarial divorce, a judge takes the ultimate decisions on prime issues like that of custody , visitation, support, maintenance of spouse and distribution of property and debt. All these decisions are not instantaneous. They occur during a pre trial conference before the trial or post a contested trial, post a number of hearings and trial preparations. Table completely turns in the process of collaborative divorce. The clients decide on every problem in the agreement of settlement made by the attorneys. The whole process is targeted at the settlement rather than on delayed settlement that comes in light after months of wait, motions and non-permanent court orders.
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