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A Look At STEM Subjects And The Field A Look At STEM Subjects And The Field July 18 Wholesale Ryan Ramczyk Jersey , 2013 | Author: Mike Osmond | Posted in Education
Science and math fields and subjects or STEM have been the topic of frequent discussion lately. The talk is revolving around guest worker programs in the US that bring in workers to fill positions in these fields. The discussion was set off by an observation of a glaring imbalance in the number of workers who are being offered jobs in this fields instead of workers being selected from within the country.

The companies who are bringing in workers from outside do so to have a global pool of workers that has the best minds out there. The impression that one may get is that the US has a shortage of workers to fill STEM related positions that are available at the moment and that may open up in future. Another conversation trigger is the fact that when it comes to domestic workers, there are enough of them to fill the positions that are available.

There is no dispute about the importance of guest worker programs. Neither is there any dispute about the fact that a pool of the best minds with different backgrounds and experiences creates better results and more brilliant innovations. The point is that there is a need to device ways for employers to first assess the local talent available before sourcing it from outside.

Data from studies that have been conducted on the matter indicate that it is two main aspects that are impacting the STEM fields. The first is that domestic service workers who are seeking jobs keeps rising and the second is that there is an influx of guest workers despite the fact that the pay package has been steadily declining over the years.

This is a disparity in the market whose result is a separate and imbalanced status among the workers who are available. It has also been established that even though there are more STEM workers coming into the job market, only one domestic worker is hired out of every two that become available. This can potentially affect the job market and a critical look at these statistics and their implications is important.

For a long time, STEM fields have been at the heart of technological innovations including circuit boards Wholesale Marshon Lattimore Jersey , hardware and gadgets. While these are part of the field, it compromises other sectors as well. It is thus important to approach matters to do with this field critically and with a broad view.

It is a portrayal that features mostly men which is why there are very few women in the field. It is a misleading depiction that needs to be corrected. The effort to portray the sector needs to be done nationally and as soon as possible.

The US government is taking action but a wider approach is needed. Sourcing talent, funding of educators and making learning resources available is necessary to ensure the US can compete globally. A good number of corporations have bought into the vision and are putting out resources for promoting education in the fields in the starting stages of the education system.

With time, there will be more demand for those who have qualified in STEM subjects as applied technology becomes more commonly used in everyday products and services. The demand will be met only if the authorities identify that there is a need to educate more people in these field locally and then create opportunities for them. For example Wholesale Cameron Jordan Jersey , the military is already in need of people who have skills in these fields.

Industry projections indicate that by 2020, there will have been a rise of jobs in these fields of at least 17 percent. By comparison, jobs in other fields will have increased by at least 14 percent. One much needed measure that has been taken is ensuring that there will be competent staff to fill the STEM jobs that are available and that will be available in future. The issue of training and equipping educators in these fields has been addressed as well.

This is very important for the future stability of the economy. It is the onus of the council of the President to ensure that they do more than counsel him on how the economy can be stabilized. They have to seek actual ways the gap can be closed. One way this can be done is by redirecting young minds and engaging them in STEM studies that require them to be inquisitive rather than just absorb material. It is on them that the economic stability and related factors like standard of living depend on it.

If you are wonder what is STEM, visit www.stemschool Wholesale Adrian Peterson Jersey , they have great information on this topic.

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